About Me

My favourite thing to do is to create content for my blog at vickyflipfloptravels.com. Whether it’s writing, videos or photos I love it because I’ve become the Multimedia Journalist my school careers advisor told me I’d never be.

I’ve always liked to write and tell stories and as a closet computer nerd I’m loving the social media evolution. My last job as Content and Social Media Manager for gapyear.com and roundtheworldexperts.co.uk was made for me and although I was sad to say goodbye, it means I now have the freedom to travel the world. Before this I worked as Content Editor at HostelBookers.com and had a great time. I love a good snoop around properties. I’ve recently published an eBook combining a few of my skills with my experience:Easy Social Media for Hostels.

I’ve met so many great people through my blog and when I was in London I was the co organiser of the London Travel Massive movement where likeminded travel lovers can get together over a drink and chat about their adventures.

Way back when

Before I joined the delights of online travel I wrote and sub edited for a range of top magazines, websites and newspapers – just take a look at the print writer tab above to find out more, but Heat and X Factor Magazine were i there!

I’m a versatile character with many interests in life and enjoy coming up with an individual take on a topic to write about in my own way. Topics I’ve previously covered for both online and offline publications include: travel, women in business, health, fashion, fitness, beauty, babies, pregnancy, art and culture, consumer rights, food and drink, music and social networking.

Promotional campaigns

Through my blog I’ve worked with many clients to help promote their products (links to vickyflipfloptravels.com).

Clients for vickyflipflop

If you’re looking to work with a blogger / copywriter / writer / social media expert / editor, you can contact me at vicky@vickyflipfloptravels.com.

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